I'm Peter Bierman. When I was a toddler, my parents gave me a box of electrical parts to play with, and it seems to have affected me.

At my high school, I built their first computer network using parts from Radio Shack.

For my senior year walkabout, I was an intern at Apple on the System 7.5 team.

In college, I wrote a nifty version of the Apple CD Audio Player that could store track and title information on the Internet, which landed me a full time job at Apple working on Rhapsody, which was eventually renamed Mac OS X. My first assignment was porting the NeXT installer over to the Macintosh.

I spent more than 10 years working on Mac OS X, living in Radar and Xcode. And when the iPhone took the world by storm, I knew it was time to set out on my own. In 2008, I took a year off to decompress, and now I'm writing software for fun again.

I joined Tech Shop, where I've learned how to weld steel and machine aluminium. Building physical things is fun!

I've also become quite fond of ice hockey, playing at Ice Oasis, and going to lots of Sharks games.

I married my sweetie, Carolyn, in June 2007. We went on a motorcycle adventure in Australia for our honeymoon, riding 800 miles on a guided tour through the wilderness from Cairns to Cape York, the northernmost point in Australia.

And I don't think my adventures are finished yet...